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Who We Are

Welfare institute is one the best institutes in India. Since 2009, we are guiding, supporting, motivating and giving high quality training by which students are getting lucrative job whether its India or Abroad. Focusing in quality training in the field of Health, Safety and Environment. At the same time all types of heavy equipments & other trades. Our skilled and highly qualified team is strongly dedicated for quality training & best service. Students success is our goal.

Phadega Desh Toh Bhadega Desh  

What We Do

Welfare Institute works for the Welfare of country. Our high standard and digital classes by highly qualified and experienced trainers helps students to get their dream job at the same time to erase the word unemployment from loving country India. Our classroom as well as on site training pattern helped students to complete many national & International courses. Proud to say that lots of students completed their course by us and working with an excellent salary and facilities whether its India or Abroad. Not only in the field of Safety but also in Heavy equipment and other trades.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service is immensely appreciated due to a team of highly educated and dedicated team members. In this journey of 11 years of success. We have guided students as per financial and educational condition. There is no discrimination to caste, religion, language, state and country. A blind support of our team and top quality training by highly qualified & experienced trainers helps student to achieve their goals.

Operating Trade

We Provide many Operating Courses including Mobile Crane operator, Excavator Operator, J.C.B. Ope

Technical Trade

We Provide many Job Oriented Couses including Mechanical Fitter, Pipe Fitter & Pipe Fabricato

Safety Course

We Provide many Safety Couses.


International Standards

11 successful years in Education field. We follow UK & USA standard in all HSE courses. Our HSE trainer is Gulf returned/UK & USA Certified HSE Trainer/Member of IOSH his qualification and experience makes easy for students to understand Safety course in an easy way. In addition to this our digital class room is also playing an important role in it. Which makes Welfare institute different from others.

Our motive

Our hearty wish to make our loving country an unemployment free country. Since 2009, we are guiding, supporting, motivating and giving high quality training by which they are getting lucrative job whether its India or Abroad. Providing job to a single person is equal to supporting entire family financially, emotionally, economically by which they can make their future bright & live happily.

Phadega Desh Toh Bhadega Desh   

Our Trainers

Welfare industrial Training Institute is a team of highly qualified, experienced, gulf returned and dedicated faculties. Who are strongly devoted to guide & support students to achieve their goal. There is no discrimination of caste, religion or anything. Our main focus is to inculcate knowledge by giving and showing lots of examples. Since 2009 lots of students have achieved their goal in these 11 years we are proud to say that huge numbers of students are working in an esteemed company in India and Abroad with an excellent salary and facilities by the guidance and support given by us. Safety training is given by UK & USA Certified Safety professional at the same time tutor is Member of IOSH-UK. Furthermore tutor’s gulf experience makes students understand in better & easy way. Welfare institute is a growth oriented course provider in health, safety, environment. Our training system are very Hi-Tech aided with audio & video training

Words from students

We committed to provide high quality training programs and course material
as per quality management system



I am Maruf, I had given calls in so many institutes for the training of Safety Officer. But could not find a trainer who is gulf returned, UK & USA Certified, Member of IOSH-UK and a Motivational speaker. My search met with an end after meeting extremely talented man Mr. Asif Qamar He not only trained me but also motivated me a lot. May God bless him.




Hi, Friends myself Aditya. Safety Officer was a dream job for me. I can only say that If I am a Safety Officer today. It’s only because of strong guidance, support and an excellent way of teaching. I can only say that if you really want to become a Safety Officer join Welfare Institute only do not go any where.




This is Aftab Alam, after completing my B-Tech. I was looking for bright future. My search met with an end after meeting Welfare Institute. Asif Qamar Sir’s teaching pattern is excellent. Becuase of sir's guidance today I am working in Gulf as a Safety Engineer. If anybody wants to become Safety Officer Welfare is one the best institutes.



Since the early age of my life, I wanted to choose a career by which I can guide, support and train the youth to get their dream job by giving quality training & support. Because lots of our loving Indian youth are not getting lucrative job due to lack of guidance and improper training. Furthermore some of them have chosen wrong career or trade due to improper guidance & support. My mission is to train all youth as per their qualification and economical condition to make our loving country a skilled country. In addition to that providing job to a single person is equal to support financially the entire family. I feel myself lucky enough that since 2009 lots of students have completed their courses by me and working in India and Abroad with an excellent salary and facilities.



Why Choose Us

Welfare Institute works for the Welfare of students & loving country India. We are not so much worried for fees rather our deep concern is to guide, support and give an excellent training so that students can achieve their goals and erase the word unemployment from our nation. Whenever we receive any call firstly we listen and understand students’ financial, educational and family condition then explain the course as per that. Only a piece of paper which is known as certificate can not fetch a good job in their lives. Until and unless they have received quality training by a competent trainer. Because of this dedication Government has awarded us lots of recognition and prizes.

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